Here’s a Look at COVID-19's Economic Hit to California and the U.S.

The coronavirus pandemic and its associated shutdowns created a bleak job market, statewide and nationally. Jobless claims soared through mid-April. Employment levels in March are down but don’t fully reflect the layoff spree.

Here are the weekly initial unemployment claims in California from January 2010 to April 11, 2020:

California’s month-over-month jobs data shows that March 2020 had the biggest monthly loss for the state since 2009.


California sectors that shed jobs in March:

National Picture

WalletHub released a study of which states had the biggest increases in unemployment due to the pandemic. California ranks 45th. The map shows the Top 10 most affected.

Initial jobless claims in the U.S.(Weekly, seasonally adjusted)


Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Oxford Economics/Haver, WalletHub, California Employment Development Department

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