C.A.R’s Housing Affordability Fund’s Home Essentials Program - 1st Time CA Homebuyers Could Get $1,250 Lowe’s Gift Card

Housing Affordability Fund Home Essentials Program

How to Qualify:

  • Be a first-time homebuyer
  • Homebuyers must use a California REALTOR® in the transaction
  • Purchase a primary single-family residence in California with the intent to occupy the property as a primary residence
  • The conforming loan amount on the single-family residence must be at or below the FHA conforming loan limit
  • The purchase of the single-family residence must use financing. All-cash purchases do not qualify

How to Apply:

REALTORS® must complete a Home Essentials Program application and Home Essentials Program Certification form on behalf of their client. 

Please Note: HAF must receive all program requirements below no later than thirty (30) days after closing escrow:

  1. Home Essentials Program Application and Home Essentials Certification Form
  2. Purchase Contract
  3. Closing Disclosure Form

For additional program details and requirements please visit: https://www.car.org/difference/haf/HAFs-Home-Essential-Program

Let’s chat if you want to buy a home to take advantage of this program and the record low interest rates.

Taylor DeMaio

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